Made in 48 hours for the GMTK Jam 2022
Theme: Roll of the Dice

This is a small rogue-like(ish) prototype where you use dice to move your player around a level. Collect the key to open the exit. You must land on the door space exactly. Make it past level 7 to win. 

There are 3 types of dice
Move: Player moves the number showing on the dice
Attack: Player moves the number showing on the dice and kills any enemy in the path (enemies drop 1 coin when killed)
Poof: Teleport the number showing on the dice. You don't collect any items on the path. 

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
TagsGame Maker's Toolkit Jam


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Great game! Had a blast.

I think this is a really cool idea for a game and I hope you expand on it.  I think it really really needs some kind of time limit (think the ghost, from Spelunky). This, along with better level design, would make the poof dice more interesting/useful immediately. Also, I think an "event" based progression (like Slay the Spire) would be far more interesting than the simple shop at the end of the level. 

The game softlocked me i could not do anything.

Love it also i some how beat the game on moible

Oh now this is a fun idea, very creative! use of traditional TTRPG mechanics! If you're ever looking to expand on this, it could be interesting to use other TTRPG dice? (d20, d12, d8, etc.)

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wow, this game is great, one of my favorites of the jam! i'll be looking forward to the devlog! (FEEDBACK: i think it is very well made, but i have one problem, you die after only one hit, i think at least two lives could make it less punishing. maybe a normal, and hard mode?) (yes i remember the video where you said you prefer to call it normal, instead of easy, lol. :P)


The game was really great though I think you should add a more difficult mode where you only have 1 dice other than that great game!

Very cool idea, drag and drop feels a bit sluggish and there needs to be some form of limitation to infinite rerolls (maybe a variety of ennemies would help too).

teleport dice are mostly inferior to attack dice which makes buying them pointless cause your money is probably better spent buying attack and removing move dice. But with more time to develop interesting level that balance could change. Other type of dice could be cool too.

Not being able to see the dice bag content also makes it feel a bit less strategiic and a bit more "shuffle around and end turn until you got what you need".

I agree, 123 and arrow keys seems appropriate for this. Maybe teleport dice should be "move up to x spaces" but mor expensive.

neat game, like the randomized movement options

the poof dice kinda suck though, I found literally one position where I would have found it useful and it didn't even appear

I recognize the art ;) Was stalking Kenney website lmao. Sick presentation on the itch page and love the concept! I do think the ghost and coin overlap is a bit funky

Love the gameplay, but need a bit pressure. also the controller feel a bit uncomfortable, I would make it a bit less restrictive on the drag and drop then put it almost exactly to it. other than that. I love it and hope you add endless mode. 


One of the best game i've ever played, i wish it had an endless mode but playing the game all over again is still okay.

this is a great game :)

Fun, intuitive, super easy to understand and very polished. The shop made me get those coins !

This was a very fun and innovative game. Great work!

I love this game and how it looks! I'm very happy that I could play this a couple days after you finished it. 10/10

Really fun game. Is such a great randomized puzzle game. Extremely enjoyable.


I realy liked this

Really needs some time pressure to encourage riskier play, it is just simply too methodical and easy while the mechanics could have more depth. Like more enemies spawning the more turns you take. I could take everything very slow because I would just re-roll until I got the exact number to get to. Also, after enemies are cleared, it is trivial work to walk around collecting the money and leaving, I'd either have that auto collect and end the level without you having to putter around the stage OR I would just have a turn limit, or maybe enemies take more hits if you wait around too long, or maybe enemies enter the stage if you take too many turns. It could be like golf, where par is the level as is, and then anything above par would have some sort of pressure to encourage the player to finish the level quickly, like the ghost in Spelunky.

I could totally imagine a real game out of this. Lots of ways to improve, with different obstacles enemies or abilities.

I LOVED his game! For being a lot of luck, I still felt fun playing, and I wasn't getting cheated on. I also was able to finish the game which was cool. And are the levels randomly generated? Even if they are not, they are super fresh and a pleasure to play.

Great game!

Fun game, however, my character got of center somehow.

The Movement is interessting, but once the enemys are dead getting to the End gets annoying. Maybe making it auto next level once the Player killed all enemys would help.

Cute game! I liked it a lot. It's also one of two fun ones I've seen in the jam (mine doesn't rank among that number lol)

Love it. can you rate my submision at

What a original game ! COngrat's !

at this point Vimlark is a staple of the game jam scene, and the games he makes never cease to delight me.

very neat little game.

one bug I encountered: if you go down to two dice (via removing all of your move dice without getting enough extra dice; a thing I realize is probably a bad idea but wanted to test out), the game does not let you play either dice,

I really enjoyed it! I would say it was too easy, probably because of the small movement of the enemies.

But other than that, I say it's a great game.

i like

pretty good game

i love it!!! it's sooo fun, with great amount of polish! reminds me so much of slay the spire, and i *love* that game : D great job vimlark!

cool Game

Great work

this is such a fun  game!

this is amazing, i could never have though of such an idea in that timeframe

Very neat presentation with great pixel art and a really good concept!

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This game is awesome.
Two small things:
- Teleport dice should not have 1s.
- There should be a keyboard shortcut for picking a die. Maybe one for skipping turns too.

Some extra ideas:
- Random room generator (for infinite content). Maybe the number of random mobs could increase.
- Hard mode where you had a limited number of dice.
- Custom Level designer.

Such a good job making this! Hopefully you'll continue to work on it in the future. Thank you!

wow these are all cool suggestions, add this and i will play it for hundreds of hours lol

i love this game, played the entire thing


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