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very cool game, great concept, great graphics. :


You're the guy from Stitch's Hideout right


that was an awesome game!

Got all the golden ghosts! Honestly, Level 5 was a genius level. Only 2 Respawns could solve it, but it does not look like it. Great game!

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I'm stuck on 5 could you give me a hint on how to solve it in two respawns?

You can walk through the enemy. So, doing that, you don't need to die at the spikes above the enemy.


Thank you!

np! Glad you could also complete it!

how the heck do you get four its the only one i didnt get first try ;-;

An amazing game :)... It's nice how you found a way to make the "Failure is Progress" theme get incorporated into the game :) 9/10 :D... Nice pixel design, and overall quality :)... Maybe could've added a third score, such as a diamond ghost (golden ghost + completed in a certain amount of time)!

love it love, no dogs though :/ 0/10

Man! this game is awesome! All I can say is... WOW! (pun intended) 

such a polished and great game! I had so much fun playing this! 5 STARS



wow are games are very similar yet so different

Realy nice Game! First I didn't realise it was you XD

As always, you did an awesome job here! Loved how you developed the game with this theme.


Super happy with how it turned out, you did such an amazing job

Really good game! I liked your take on the theme, and level 8 was pretty interesting :)

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Reaper Repeat (Full Game all Golden Ghost)

Wonderful game.A good surprise from Vimlark.
The graphics are very satisfactory.
In some level they had enough difficulty.
You have to play it and be rated as the best game in 72 hours.

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An incredible idea! I love the game. Good job making the Jam theme into this mechanics. This needs to win the Jam (even my game will be second haha).

Really clever and fun. Love the simplicity, art and music. Well done to everyone involved😁

I’ve just started playing the first 5 levels and I absolutely love it! The way you used the theme and incorporated it into the game is amazing! This gotta be in the Top 10!

i love it  big fan


Ok This is going to be top 10 or I'm calling shenanigans! 

is good


So cool, very very good!


I love it!!! It is probably my favorite VimGame so far :D

Loved it really cool idea

I N C R E D I B L E !

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