Made in 72 hours for the Wowie! Jam 3.0
Theme: Failure is Progress

Move: Left and Right Arrows or A & D
Jump: Up Arrow or Space

This is a short puzzle platformer. You play as Randy the Reaper and you must collect the lost souls in each level. These rooms will cause certain death to anyone that tries to navigate them. Good thing you're already dead. When Randy falls on spikes, gets turned into a bubble or set ablaze, he will respawn like new but also leave behind something as well. 

Get the Music from the game.

Everything was created during the jam by:
Drewpy: Music and Sound
WhiteVault: Art
Vimlark: Programming


Download 92 MB
Download 87 MB
Download 108 MB
Download 99 MB


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This game is amazing, i love it.



Couldn't get all the golden ghosties but it was fun trying. Great work in such a small amount of time. It would be great to have more levels if that's in plan for the future. Cause, you know... there are always new souls to reap. :)




I would love if this were downloadable


Yooooooo POG we got a speedrunning leaderboard now!

it is not there.

search for it here 

okay, that worked.


i need it i want to  try to make it on scratch

can i have the art for the game


Finally got al ghost.


Love this game


game design

Very good, though sometimes the music would disappear when I restarded.

Great game :) music has some good jams :)


Cool game ! Nice art and music and a really good design idea. I had a bit of problems with controls tho, as it felt like my character was not stopping quickly enough when I stop pressing the movement input, leading to my character throwing themselves of a platform.


Super cool game. Though I found a bug in level 5 where the enemy disappears?


Love it, thogh because I'm so fast, its hard! :)


Very nice. Lots of lovely pixel art and animation, the exit door sprite and player animation were highlights for me.

Good gameplay. The death bubble is such a  cool game mechanic. unfortunately the general movement was  let down by poor performance, particularity in full screen which is how I played I think it's a mix of the engine being overloaded with music, SFX, lots of animation and being web based without a download option. It just didn't feel as responsive as it should.

Fantastic Sound effects for a game jam, this is an often overlooked. Sometimes the music would stop (presumably a bug) and that really let SFX shine. 

Music: Good but got repetitive fast when figuring out lowest respawns, an option to mute music but not SFX would have been nice.

Thanks a lot for the great game :-)


I really like the art :)



Cool game!


Really fun game. Although, requiring coyote time for a jump is a bit much, even for bonus content.

I like that the character changes shape when they die.


Awesome game, but I felt like the a lag between when I pressed the keys and it happened on screen. It just didn't feel right with me


10/10 i agree


Awesome Game Like Texture And A Fun Game!


I love the celeste-like air jump


awesome mechanics!


Finished! very funny and brilliant!




Very Fun

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Is there any way of showing how many respawns are needed for a golden ghost? Finding a sneaky solution only to be one spawn short is not user-friendly.

Also needs a level select button so I don't have to go through the menu and the tombstone animation every time I miss a target.

Being allowed to walk through the enemy goes against most game logic but I stumbled upon it (level 5).


Great and fun game. Good work!


Real fun game and it does give a small twist on the basic walk over dead corpses idea!


Super cool game, played for a whole hour and didn't get bored! Had lots of fun and love the mechanic of when you die you get something good in return. Also LOVE the art (super cute!)

pretty good game, some of the mechanics are a little janky (for me personally, bubbles spawning based on where you were rather than the bubble's position made the level 4 jump a hassle, and I managed to vanish the bubble critter in 5 by jumping on it), but otherwise a pretty nice puzzle platformer

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The game  is very fun, 

I was also on stream when You were making it :)

very good game

very cool game, great concept, great graphics. :


You're the guy from Stitch's Hideout right


that was an awesome game!

Got all the golden ghosts! Honestly, Level 5 was a genius level. Only 2 Respawns could solve it, but it does not look like it. Great game!

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I'm stuck on 5 could you give me a hint on how to solve it in two respawns?

You can walk through the enemy. So, doing that, you don't need to die at the spikes above the enemy.


Thank you!

np! Glad you could also complete it!

how the heck do you get four its the only one i didnt get first try ;-;

An amazing game :)... It's nice how you found a way to make the "Failure is Progress" theme get incorporated into the game :) 9/10 :D... Nice pixel design, and overall quality :)... Maybe could've added a third score, such as a diamond ghost (golden ghost + completed in a certain amount of time)!

love it love, no dogs though :/ 0/10

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