Made in 48 hours for the GMTK 2020 Game Jam
Theme: Out of Control

You have lost control of your robot. You must get it out of the lab before it hurts itself or something else. 

Left Mouse Button - Pick up item (From top bar) / Drop item (when held)
Right Mouse Button - Remove item (Added to top bar)
F - Fullscreen
M - Mute
Q - Return to Menu (In levels)

See the making of: 

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Made withConstruct


Make The 83 MB
Make The 79 MB
Make The 119 MB
Make The 94 MB


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level 6 is impossible/help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

level 3 is soo hard/o nivel 3 e dificil demai




Deleted 34 days ago

he writed down left to mute you can press m

I did it, beat all 10 levels

i found a duplication glitch lol


how do you do it

I can't remember sadly :(

The sounds effects make me want to rip my ears out but the music is good, let me mute just the sound

this game is good and quite creative sometimes I think you have to place items at the right time and in the right position

Had to play it because you said so, i found some alternative solutions to some levels, it's pretty fun

nice game

cool graphics

runs smoothly

Really cool game! Keep it up!

Hi, I was new in this game development and I just wanna ask a question. I couldn't find the answer on the web.

Is it ok if someone use this game mechanic to make an actual game?

or it needs approval from the developer/author?

you can take mechanics from any games
just make sure to not 100% copy the game

OK that's nice, thanks :


guys i found a duplication glitch!

u can push a falling cube to a bouncer in to the spikes & it duplicates but the bouncer need to be under the icon of the falling block

thank you good sir

I loved playing this game! It was so fun because I love those games where you get to make your own way and have so many different ways you can do it! really enjoyable for those who like to make they're own way! Please make more games involving making your own way! Id really appreciate it!

Dude I love this game! It's so cute and fun! I would love seeing a full game like this!

ive seen a lot of your vids and i like this

This is a really good game.  I'm surprised you did this in 48 hours.  It could be improved with more levels and more things to interact with, for example, more stuff to place, and some stuff on the levels that the computer will interact with.

wow just 48 hours? no way! maybe developin did but the idea had to be conceived for longer way before! very impressive

Is a cool game! but I need to see more levels end new mecanics!

Make the Way (Full Game)

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I found a dupe glitch where if you drop a falling object on 2 saws at the same time, you get 2 of that item. Using this, I beat level 7 without platforms. Just remove the 3 boxes over the goal.

did it too

don't know why there needed to be a box in the game i didn't use it once.


There has been talk of a dupe glitch, and i found an easy way to dupe the springs, just stack them, then spam rightclick. 


I found a bug where if you put a cube on the poor robot it will kill your ears.


Duplication Glitch: If you put a bounce pad on a cube, it'll yeet itself up. If you get it to hit a saw, it'll delete it, and it gives you more of the cube and bounce pad in any level. 


It was fun, and had enough levels!

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I  found a glitch on the last level where  if you place a block  where he spawns  then a spring next to it and finally place a block on top  of  the spring then he will  magically disappear! also if you  switch the  first block with the spring  then he will get very upset !!!   (btw love the game  its really fun!) 


Haha! Pretty amazing, really!


I love it! Levels 9 and 10 are so fun.


I really enjoyed this game it was quite fun. I feel like there were some small issues like:

Being able to pick up and move objects after placing them would be nice.

The colldier on the buttons at the top of the screen is a little small.

After picking and dragging an object right clicking would return it straight back instead of having to click off it then right click on it. It felt like there was a lot of latency in the controls but that might just be the web browser version of the game.

Nice work, i look forward to your next dev log!


Incredibly fun game, and I could definitely see it becoming a great mobile app if you do add the ability to drag the items to new locations or to/from the inventory. One thing I love about the game is the fact that, though the puzzles can be difficult and stressful sometime, I get a nice satisfaction every time I complete one. Great job, especially for 48 hours!


The game freezes every time i die


Really fun game for a 48 hour jam.  Love the robot.


super fun, great level and puzzle design

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i found a bug when if you put a cube or a jump pad on a saw  its duplicate the cube or the jump pad so if you want to win fast use this bug

probably could be a full gam

Great game!

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