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found unintended puzzle cheese using blocks falling onto springs that work as a catapult to the robot 


Great little game. Enjoyed playing it. 

i have a problom i am on Crome OS and it wont show the game and i can hear but its just a black screen you can see the tab is makeing sound but its not showing up

tired of the robot? want to remove it from existence? here is quick and simple way to the that!

step 1: place a spring and box in the spawn corner in level 10.congratulations! you've removed the robot from existence!
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i found that if you place a spring over the box with a saw over it,

it will sometimes make either the spring or box duplicate.

edit: just drop the object on to a saw

edit: it seems to only work on saws of a certain height?

Fun game and easy to pick up. Hope you rank in the top 100 in the GMTK Jam.

Love everything about this game, a critique would be having a quicker way to recall items but other than that the game was thoroughly enjoyable and beautifully polished

Gameplay from 3:53 - 5:16

I'm bad at puzzle games but yours made me play it all the way through. Great game with a lot of versatility in how the levels are beaten.

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Really good! The gameplay was pretty fun, and fit the theme pretty well.

i found a bug if you are placing an jump pad over the saw and it destroys and you take the second one really fast they will duplicate

I had a lot of fun playing this game! I actually had to use my brain for once haha! I absolutely love the art style of the game, the mechanics are great, I really like the animations and I genuinely enjoyed every single level this game had to offer! Very very well done!!

Man this game is good. Sad there aren't more levels... Really wanted to keep playing. Good work and amazing game for 48 hours of work.

This was really good.

The puzzles were creative and challenging, yet I found myself accidentally completing the puzzles with less than what I had, which was good, as it meant there was more wiggle room.

Over all, well polished, and a clever design, really enjoyed it 10/10!


I think the same! 10/10!

This was so good!!! The gameplay was fun, the idea is cool and it fits the theme pretty well. Only issue is that (for me) it would be nicer if when picking blocks the whole square targets it to pick up - not just the item itself. It's hard to explain and I'm not doing an amazing job but I think some people will unterstand what I'm talking about or even had the same problem. That one thing doesn't stop this game from being one of the best I played this jam :D

The best one i've tried this jam. Congrats!

wow, really great gameplay and graphics are perfect!  Very enjoyable game!

You get to play as grumbot

yeah the hacked grumbot.

This reminds me of flash games I played back then and that is a good thing. I love this!

Loved this game! The robot is adorable

Nice and simple, I like it :D and the art is awesome :) Keep it up


I was like "I'm really liking this gam....oh, it's over."

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Wow, good find. I have to say I never tested that situation. 


Great idea and the robot is adorable. Only wish I could drag the items, I'm struggling

with some stages because I can't remove and add the items fast enough.

amazing work

Great jove! very well polished

Really great game! looks great, good music and sound, really enjoyed the levels! great job, especially knowing it was made in under 48 hours!

Very well polished and executed well. It would be suprising if people found out this game was made in 48 hours! (also I enjoy your content <3) 

loved the game! great job!

Really liked it. again, this game is at least top 30

Amazing puzzle game, I really like how polished it is

I like the concept and puzzles but the controls are really clunky. I would definitely liked to have the items tied to a hotbar so i could quickly get what i wanted to place.

Nice! Realy like it, has lot of potencial

It does have a lot of potential, it's a very cute little robot and great premise!

nice job, definitely has the potential to be a full game

Lots of fun! Feels very polished. I found a glitch on Level 7. I some how got extra springs by dropping springs into the pit while I bounced the metal crate with another spring.

Awesome game! good job :]


How did you complete this in 48 hours? great game


Great game, but most of the later levels are cheeseable with just two springs. springs function while falling.


Thanks for the heads up. Still had some time left so I think I removed some of the cheese. 


Yeah no problem! I remember watching a couple of your previous game jam vids actually. Mind checking out my gmtk submission?

Wow! so impressive what did in only 48 hours. i love the idea art and gameplay! maybe the music is a little annoying but lets say its good we have the Mute button :D super impressed :D well done! looking forward seeing how high this game is going to be ranked :D

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