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I FINALLY beat the game without using the parachute and without taking damage, all on hard mode.

Very fun!! its a very cool and creative game


it was a good concept, but the game is to easy even on hard mode, i beat hardmode on my first try without even getting hit once, please make an actual hardmode.

Wow, how did you get all the three, four or five letter words?


haven't even used the glider XD


try no hit then no hit no glide


Its a bit too easy tbh. Beat hardmode first try


nice nice, good fun. no dogs 0/10

It is simple and fun 

nice ;D


Word Bounce (GamePlay Walkthrough)

Nice game with fantasy.
The handling was impeccable.
The difficulty in normal flat.
The only downside is that we want more levels.
Thanks to the creator.


pretty fun and novel concept, a little bit on the easy side for me, but the mechanics do show potential

Super charming! Nice sound effects, cool and challenging concept!

Really cool i beat it on normal and hard

Really a great fun game!

very fun, i spent a good amount of time doing a no hit hard run, it was actually fairly tough but very fun.

Can you make a speedrun mode for a more enjoyable experience?

I find the difficulty to be a bit too easy. Otherwise very nice :)

For a jam game, it's superb. The movement is the fluid, the concept easy to follow. My only gripes are that the floor shouldn't be bricks and/or the player should know you bounce on them. Also, it's a little too easy, even on Hard.

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I agree especially on making it harder as I already did a nohit run on hard 2nd try


This is absurdly good, I love the concept and the gameplay feels super fun!

I believe having some sort of limitation to the parachute, such as a timer or cooldown bar, would be a welcome addition to the difficulty, if you're looking to iterate on this. Would love to see more stages / difficulties. Awesome job as usual <3

Great game! Both difficulties are a lot of fun.

veeeery funy

Great Job, very fun! Hard mode was a good edition!

more fun than expected

simple but effective concept, well done

Has anyone else played the hard mode, in the game using the more games button?

great ! need a harder than hard mode !



Bug Report: If you die while the villain is changing the floor, the warning lights remain in the next round.

ya that happened to me too :|

Overall a great game, but I think a way to move faster going downward would make the feeling better for this. Like the player is diving vs. just falling.

Nice game!

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really cool concept, sad to don't play more hahaha


Awesome game again =D


Hi Love your stuff

I actually started participating in jams bc of you

So thanks