This game was made solo in 12 hours for the 15th Tilted Game Jam.

The jam had an added challenge that every hour during the jam you could add "scope creep" which would add another noun or adjective to your theme.

Jam Main theme: 
Gloomy Shark

Added Scope Elements: 
Apple, Werewolf, Sun, Monkey, Peanut, Nugget, Spectacle, Dolls

Keyboard Controls:
Move - Arrow Keys
Dash (Sacrifices some light) - Z 
Shoot (When you have apples) - Space

Gamepad Controls (Xbox controller reference) :
Move - D Pad
Dash (Sacrifices some light) - A 
Shoot (When you have apples) - X

You play as an angler fish that needs to eat sunfish to keep your light strong. Your light will slowly fade over time and be greatly reduced if hit by an enemy. Getting attacked by the shark is lights out. Collect 20 sunfish to complete the game. 

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withConstruct

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