This game was made in 2 days for the Kindred Community Jam #4

Theme: Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

The forest is on fire and embers are falling from the sky. Spit water at them to put them out before they set your berry bushes on fire. If half are set alight you lose.

2 modes:
Survival: Rain is on it's way. Keep the bushes safe until it arrives.

Endless: The is no hope of survival. Shoot as many embers as you can before they over take you for a high score. 

Move: A&D or Left & Right Arrows
Jump: Space or Up Arrow
Aim: Mouse
Shoot: Left Mouse Button

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withConstruct


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Half of the game sounds like celeste music chp.5 b-side

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Exited for the video! Pretty sweet game!

One thing i would add... You know how the meat sort of paints the ground in super meat boy? I think that that would be pretty cool here, you know, leaving slime around and stuff. But this comment is really minimal, everything else is awesome!


pretty cool game the music is really good

HEY! one part of the music is by the game, 'Celeste!!'

thats pretty cool i did not know that!

Love the game, but I thought it was impossible just from the in game control help. I didn't realize you could jump and get out of the water! I was very confused as to how I could get all of those fireballs off screen! Maybe I should get some more sleep...


you addicted madman, how many games are you going to release this month?

Excellent game!


got very stressful towards the end. I love it

Love the game the concept was really cool. I couldnt stop hitting the replay button very addicting.

<3 loved the game

Well done game. Love the sound for this. So satisfying to put out the fires. Very frustrating that I couldn't put the fires out once the bushes caught on fire. I kept expecting to be able to do that so they didn't spread, but I guess there is no fire spread. Once I realized that I went back to stopping the flaming balls of fire from the sky. But boy they do pick up speed!