This is a demo created by Nick Dufault for a Construct 3 tutorial series that can be found on YouTube. 

Watch Tutorial

It uses free assets created by these creators.

Tiny Adventure Pack - Vryell

Weiholmir - JustFredrik

Fx Pixel Art Pack 01 - Hugues Laborde

Minimalistic Loops - Goose Ninja

8 Bit Sound Pack - Danereid1024 (Sounds by Dane)

W,A,S,D or Arrows -- Move

Space -- Attack

Made withConstruct


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I think there is a bug on level 2 where the rock doesn't fully slide to the hole and fall in. Therefore, level 2 is not beatable.

Sorry about that, not quite sure what happened. I made a quick change to something else before setting it live which is always the downfall. New version is live and working for me. Let me know if you still have an issue and thanks for the heads up. 

No worries :) It's working now! Thanks for fixing it and I am looking forward to your next episode!