This is a demo created by Nick Dufault for a Construct 3 tutorial series that can be found on YouTube. 

Watch Tutorial

It uses free assets created by these creators.

Tiny Adventure Pack - Vryell

Weiholmir - JustFredrik

Fx Pixel Art Pack 01 - Hugues Laborde

Minimalistic Loops - Goose Ninja

8 Bit Sound Pack - Danereid1024 (Sounds by Dane)

W,A,S,D or Arrows -- Move

Space -- Attack

Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
Made withConstruct


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Hello, someone tried ripping your things off and publishing it as a steam game. I'd suggest you contact steam and report the dude and take any legal actions you want. Here's the link for the steam page of the game that is upcoming: Rock Smacker on Steam (

Yay I did it! All rocks are smacked!

Im currently watching your vids and doing this. Thanks for the work, im trying to become a IT Guy. Thanks again, hope you're doing all right

awesome sound effects. i love it 

I agree,  the sounds in this game are truly wonderful. The person whom created this game wanted this game to stand out. And not just by the amazing gameplay itself but with other very important elements a game needs to stand out of the crowd. While I being a rookie to all of this. I have never seen the inside workings of a game before but now I am truly amazed with all the work put into this. Even though this might just be a simple game runned by a simple company it is still impressive how games function. I am not only going to learn more about how just to make games on this platform but expand aswell. But first you must start somewhere, and I suppose this is where I begin...

Yeah you learn a lot day by day

bro he just said awesome sound effects and you wrote a whole paragraph. Dedication or what?

Excellant demo and tutorial

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I think there is a bug on level 2 where the rock doesn't fully slide to the hole and fall in. Therefore, level 2 is not beatable.

Sorry about that, not quite sure what happened. I made a quick change to something else before setting it live which is always the downfall. New version is live and working for me. Let me know if you still have an issue and thanks for the heads up. 

No worries :) It's working now! Thanks for fixing it and I am looking forward to your next episode!

yea, about that what exactly u did to solve that bug, can u plz tell me sir. :) 

Sorry, but getting a reply to this question seems unlikely. Mostly due to the fact that its been over a year and he still hasnt responded. While I can not give you any correct answer to your question, because I am not the creator of this game nor do I know what he did to fix the certain bug in lvl two. All I can do is specalate. I think he most likely used Honey. Honey is a extentison which helps you save money on whatever you wanna buy. Honey automatically finds coupons for you, and best of all its FREE

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