V2 update - removes the ability to pick a level that does not exist and removes debug keys

Ludum Dare Page: https://ldjam.com/events/ludum-dare/48/quick-scrap

Made for Ludum Dare 48
Theme: Deeper and Deeper
Made in alone in 48 for Compo

You play as a scrap collector in space and must avoid the aliens that have moved into the abandoned mine you are exploring.

Descend down 4 levels to collect as much scrap as you can before making it to the exit portal.

Game tracks time on each level for 2 categories, ALL Scrap Collected and ANY Scrap Collected. See what the best time you can get in each stage. Post screen shot in the comments of yours best times!

Buttons must be shot to activate. Enemies shot will be stunned momentarily and will continue moving after. They cannot be killed.


Move Left & Right - Arrows or A & D

Burst Up & Down - Arrows or W & S

Shoot - Space

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(33 total ratings)
Made withConstruct
TagsConstruct 2, Ludum Dare 48, Pixel Art, Speedrun


Quick Scrap.c3p - Source 4 MB
Quick Scrap_V2_win64.zip 94 MB
Quick Scrap_V2_linux64.zip 100 MB
Quick Scrap_V2_mac64.zip 109 MB
QuickScrap_mac64.zip - V1 107 MB
QuickScrap_linux64.zip - V1 98 MB
QuickScrap_win64.zip - V1 91 MB


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very fun game

Very good game,  nice polish with the screen shakes, and particles! Then the game design was also stimulating enough being not overly hard and not overly easy, so I was able to get into the state of flow. Felt very satisfied when I manage to clear all 4 levels. Thank you for producing such a gem. ^~^

So much fun! The character moves nicely, and when I die, I don't even get mad, which is hard to pull off!

Adorable !

this game is fun the controls are good and these games by Vimlark are good

The camera is too slow to make this plausible. There's a timer but the camera moves like an elderly relative.


Very responsive movement. I totally dig the controls. I also really like the sounds and artwork. Also, I appreciate the 100% scrap and any % scrap times recorded.

It was difficult to control.


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Where can people donate?  Nevermind, it's on the Ludum Dare Page in case anyone else was wondering.



Little side note  - I found a small bug,  nothing too major, but I'd like to point it out. When you die, you are still able to press space and shoot a bullet from where you were.


I really enjoy this game! Congrats! Awesome job guys!

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I played Warp and Warp and Sasa!


Great work! Challenging and fun!


for anyone looking for times to compare to these are mine for "All scrap collected" most of these were first try, so they shouldn't be too difficult to beat
1 - 17.85
2 - 26.3
3 - 40.23
4 - 39.32

first time also 

1 - 19.33

2 - 31.51

3 - 48.96

4 - 48.44

Man I did bad lo






first try; all scrap


I don't wanna say you're lying, but I find those scores kind of hard to believe without any sort of proof (screenshots) especially for a first-time run. Unless they're any scrap runs instead of all scrap runs, I could see those scores for first runs in that case. 

Then again, you could have found a way to move quicker than me. 



Muito bom.  Good game congratulations!


really like the balance! catchy and addictive


Really awesome game!


ima try to speedrun this


Hey! update your jam page so you get the ludum dare link at the top!


Really enjoyed this game! The controls felt great, very polished, and the fact that enemies became static objects when hit was a really fun idea.


Cool game ! Controls are really intuitive and the character is really cute and squishy !!


Amazing Game. One of the best in the Jam.

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It's a Cool Game


Vimlark!!! Your debug keys are still on!!!


Quick Scrap (Gameplay Walkthrought)


can't believe  you didn't link the ludum dare age anywhere


OMG you are right. Fixed it. Thanks!


press on "add ludum dare tag" and then link the page


Beautiful game, had fun watching the development. Really fun to play. Love the character and the controls are awesome.


The art looks really good you set the bar high with all your games and the movement was really fun to play around with.


Omg, I'm sorry, but I just need to say one more thing. Do you have any good advice on getting game ideas.? 


Okay, last thing XD. Can give give the game "Celeste" a try? It's supposed to be really good! It's a really hard platformer, with great story, and simple graphics. You can get it on Steam for only $20.


Also, I wanna say that you have inspired me to create my own games! Thanks...


Damn, a new game already? Nice!

Awesome Game, will there be a video about creating it?


Awesome Game, The Movement just feels really fun to play around and the art is awesome as usual overall really good experience =D


Awesome game. Movement feels great. Level 5 is on the main level select but isn't actually in the game. Clicking play just locks you in a black screen.


Thanks for catching that. Sorry, level 5 was cut due to time and I removed the ability to select it from the keyboard menu controls but not the mouse apparently. I've made a not in the description.


Amazing game. I love how It is time attack based.