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I'm nice at ping pong

Bug:if you do space while blocks try falling on that side the meteor glitches and you insta die

too har

the ball can get stuck vertically which is an oversight

Portal Rescue (Gameplay Walkthrought)

This game has an awesome hidden tutorial, by mapping space to be start the level and beam without visual prompts you easily demonstrate how to catch!


Awesome game! Took me a few levels to get the hang of the controls, but I think it's such a cool and unique take on pong. Nice work!

Cool game! The control scheme feels super different, but you get familiar with it pretty quickly. I was surprised at how fast.

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Cool game. On my first play I encountered an annoying issue though. The meteor was bouncing almost vertically, slowly moving towards my portal, but it changed direction slightly after a few bounces and bounced towards the tower again. It went back and forth indefinitely, at least I think indefinitely, didn't watch it for too long ;-)

Edit: Ah, didn't read the instructions fully, using SPACE resolves this effect. But still, it's a bit weird.

The game came out great ! Very fun to play :)
The limited grab is a very neat idea & fit perfectly in the gameplay.

It's a great concept and it has turned out brilliant.

Very well made, and very fun. A few minor things did jump out. When the comet bounces at a corner, the following direction seems impossible to predict, sometimes causing me to lose a life. There was also the time that the collapsing tower interacted with the comet at the time it teleported, causing it to appear behind the portal and immediately going off the side of the screen. Also, the button sound effects are way too loud, especially compared to the music.

Cool game, takes a while to get the hang of but a bunch of fun once you do. Great to see a Vimlark game using the Construct physics engine and the alien is super cute too!

I love this game! A very interesting concept as well :D

This is incredibly fun! Great work Vimlark!

Really loved the game!!! Took me a minute to get the hang of it at first, but after that I was a pro lol