Left click and hold on prisoner to pick up and move.

Hold right click to speed up camera movement. 

This game was made for 3 game jams in 3 days because I have problems LOL. 

Vaultacular Game Jam
Limitation: Three Items

Mottzy’s Jammy Jam
Theme: Embiggen
Limitation: Make it blocky!

Kindred Community Jam # 6
Theme: At the beginning… There was nothing…

Personal Restrictions: Mouse Only & Mouth Sound Effects

So how does this game fit? 
At the beginning… There was nothing… There is a prisoner in a cell with nothing. A strange influence has caused all the guards to disappear but also caused all the prisoners to become immobile. You must pick up and move the prisoners to get them out of the dungeon or else they will be killed. Collect all the prisoners to Embiggen your party and gather the Three Items that give roles to the prisoners.  
You use only the mouse to play and all but the menu sounds were made with a mouth.
The game is pixel art and on a grid which is pretty Blocky (just give me this)

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(20 total ratings)
Made withConstruct


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sometimes the cursor glitches and auto-drops the goblins

fun game though

Somehow i glitched the prisoner out the door in level 1 and the key was still insie

Great game overall! I did find a bug though...if you grab the person and move your mouse fast your can glitch through walls, doors, etc. Its still very fun to play and I would recommend that you should play it.


god damn picking them up is near to imposable 




either too fast or too finicky, couldnt click them properly

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Scrolls too fast, otherwise great game though.

I'm a big fan.


Speedrun. I think I also was able to express the issues I had with the game


it's very hard


its very hard to pick up the prisoners


Yeah I agree


Great job! I'd love for you to add a few more levels. I haven't gotten past 3 yet but I'm going to come back to it. Love your devlogs. Great job with the artwork!

Couldn't actually focus on homework until I came back and did level 3. Really love this. Super creative and well executed. Thought I would hate the mouse-only control but it actually worked really well with this. 


Really nice idea and cool usage of so many themes and restrictions! I love your devlogs, that’s why I’m here! Level 2 and 3 are pretty tough but enjoyable once you finish them. I have found issue with gates - you can get pass gates when you drag’n’drop prisoners fast enough (to the left of gate). It it reproducible especially at the beginning of each level and it happens on both windowed and fullscreen mode. There are also issues with prisoners’ “dragboxes” - they are too small and you can feel it in stressful situations.

Overall it’s a pretty clever and innovative game. I really enjoyed playing it and watching devlog! :)

Good but suuuper hard! Really cool idea though it's fun one!

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Changing browser zoom breaks the UI

Prisoner hitbox is too small, but maybe this is less bad in fullscreen. I'd prefer if clicks on their heads counted as clicks on them instead of having to click their feet, though

Once in fullscreen, F doesn't take me out of it, only esc

have you ever made a game in 3 days?


Good game, but the thing is that the characters are hard to move, i think it would be better if when my mouse was over the character I could pick it up, not the tile it was on. Also I wish there was a feature to slow down or pause the camera, because the hardest part was not getting squished by the camera.

A ton of fun, great job as always!!  Alot of the comments are people complaining about the difficulty of picking up and moving the characters, and I agree that this is the hardest part.  And think one simple thing that would fix it is to give some feed back when the mouse is over one of the characters so that we can click and drag with confidence. Over all a really great game though! Played all three levels, though levels 2 and 3 took two tries a piece

this is a good game but is sometimes hard to move the guys

Nice, it's like a top down lost vikings style game. I found the collisions on picking up the people a little hit and miss. Sometimes I went to grab one but unless I grabbed in exactly the right spot it didn't pick him up. Looks great though and very enjoyable. Keep knocking out these games :) 


It was kind of hard but i like it

Really like this game and the concept! 

I agree with the earlier comments though. With these (stressful) kinda games, the timing and controls need to be absolutely perfect. The grabbing of prisoners is quite hard and sometimes a prisoner is dropped as well.

Made it through level 1 in one go though, now only played 2 attempts on level 2, so it might be that I just have to get used to it.

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this is a good and a little stressful game, but I believe the stress comes from the picking up of the prisoners being quit buggy ,either way this is still a good game, maybe make picking them up a little easier.

when was this made?

I need an offline version. Fullscreen is too slow and windowed  doesn't allow pickups properly.

The game is so fun the graphics and art are so good and the way the game is so good

Cool game ! The slower camera with the ability to make it faster with right click was a great addition. My only nit picking would be that was slightly unclear where the cursor actually was with the art so I would sometime think I over the goblin and click and drag it would drag it since I was slightly off.

Its a really good idea

i like it!


its rather hard, I kinda wish the scrolling could be slowed down as an option, like a difficulty slider

The difficulty mainly comes from the input delay, where I can't drag the people precisely.

also true, I kept dragging someone but then they go somewhere different, a few tiles difference but still noticeable

either slowing down the scrolling or fix the controls

Fun and unique prison escape game. I loved it!


The game is absolutely beautiful and the gameplay is very, very fun...

Only tipp, you should make dragging the players easier, bacause sometimes it's very hard to drag them, because you can't hit them ore whatever you name it.

Thank's for making this game. :D

Pick Up Prison (GamePlay Walkthrough)

Was very fun to play, great pace and challenging

bruh I was just scrolling through recent for the first time and found a Game Developer YouTuber that I watch's Video Game, what are the chances?

so hard ;-;

The madman only went and did it, 3 whole jam themes/restrictions in a single game. Hats off to you sir.

The Gerblins came out looking amazing, as does the rest of the prison art. Nice difficulty curve, and it always felt like my fault when I borked it up and got one of my prisoners skewered by an arrow.

The dragging each character individually is a cool idea and adds some real challenge when the party starts getting big.

A really fun little game, great job.

make more levels pls vimlark (I'm liladolilo =D)

Awesome game you made 3 levels =D

I personally really love the idea of the game, although due to the nature of the game it seems like it could make for a great mobile game!

The game is really fun to play, keep up the good work!