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Hello Vimlark

I Hope you are well. We saw your Game, Monkeys with guns, and we love it. For this reason, we would like to chat with you to introduce you to our platform Unboared. In fact, Unboared is a dedicated platform for local multiplayer games that use mobil phone as a controller and a tv or computer as a support. We really believe that your game perfectly matches our user profiles

If you are interested in more info, don’t hesitate to give us a return so that we can exchange by e-mail or video

See you soon i Hope 🀩

Aurore Defosse Unboared Team

i wish this game was 1-4 players so i can play it alone, i dont have any friends willing to play this game


I dont are sure 

i can't be the only one who thought that it was a head with a beard and the stomach was the mouth


Dont work with ps5 controller


Was this game made in Construct? Looking for a good game engine I can use. 

it dosnt even work for windows is only for xbox&ps4

cant open it 

on itch launcher

Try downloading it from a regular browser (like chrome)

Deleted 300 days ago

he doesn't realize, does he?


nah he dont


It says that you dont have the permission to open the app on macbook pro, does anyone have a fix for tha


Chromebook users πŸ€‘


Where is the 32  version?



ooga boogas



Idk if you still look at comments but can you add parsec support, I'm trying to play with some friends but seems like it doesnt work


hermosoΒ‘ agrege mas mapas y modificacion de controles :3

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Help: I cannot get it working on my 2021 MacBook Pro. When I try to open the file it simply says "application cannot be opened." I assume this is because it is an intel-based app, and needs to be run with Rosetta. However, when I try to find the checkbox to run the app with Rosetta, it simply isn't there. Any suggestions?

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Me to but i am on widows 10 I hope this gets patched


Tried that, now it tries to open but crashes before a window even appears. Guess it just hasnt been updated in so long that it dont work on M1 macs :(


The game is fun but awkward to play because the controls are weird. You should focus on UX a bit, maybe get feedback on different control sets, also better support for keyboard & mouse would be nice. :)


what are the keyboard keys to play?


My kid (11 years old) and I really enjoy the game !

Thank you so much for the fun (and the pirate monkey !)

It's very hard for me because I play with the "letters" of my keyboard and I have a french one, so the letters are not in the same place !

My kid wants to say "The game is so fun but a little hard ! And I like when it's a little hard. Thank you for creating this".

I am agree with him :)


This game is very enjoyable, played it with two of my friends and it was so much fun, I hope you continue to update it




what the heck are you trying to say man?

are you trying to say that the game requires a password?

if you want people to help you fix a problem, say it coherently.


no lo e jugado?


Can you please make a version that doesn't require a numpad? i have a computer without that feature.


add online mode


what is the linux code to instal


the game looks really good but i think that the control layout is weird and i should have the mouse for aiming and other things

that wouldn’t work because you can’t have multiple people using the mouse at the same time.

32bit support?


do we know when the next update is coming out?

Deleted 1 year ago

He still alive.......


i can't get the game to work on my MacOS / M1 Macbook Pro . It looks like i am not allowed to run it: a system message tells me to get in touch with my local or network admin.  Do you think that is fixable? I can help for the tests on the M1 platform if needed.

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ok pls help me I'm stuck ;-;


vimlark! U will make a online multiplayer? =)


How do you join the match with a keyboard

Deleted 1 year ago


Deleted 2 years ago

Yay but its like a local multiplayer game and that is sort of hard to make a mobile version,.

use the Ps4/xbox controller 🀯

Deleted post

U rly asked mobile in a computer game comment section


can i play it with ps4 controler ?


yes I watch all his mwg devlogs so I can say you can

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Can i play it on Xbox One?

you can use an Xbox One controller but cant play it on Xbox One

ok thanks


Can I Connect A Xbox Controller?


Yes, any controller works

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ps5 controller don't work =(

For obvious reasons

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