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Monkeys With Guns Controls

Thank you for checking out the Alpha build of Monkeys With Guns. A 2-4 player arcade platformer/shooter. Each player begins with a pistol and can gain better guns by destroying the supply crates that fall from the sky. 

The winner is the last monkey alive.

There are still many changes that will be coming to the game but would love to hear any feedback you would be willing to share. 


  • This game is still in alpha and nothing is final. 
  • This is a local Multi-Player game (no online)
  • Currently at least 2 players are required 
  • All players need a controller (no keyboard controls at the moment)

If you encounter any issues/bugs please email vimlarkgames@gmail.com, message me on twitter @vimlark, or leave a comment below.

Music by @RareDigs


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MonkeysWithGuns_Alpha1.6_Mac.zip 88 MB
MWG_Alpha_V1.7_linux.zip 79 MB
MWG_Alpha_V1.7_win.zip 78 MB


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Hey Vimlark i saw your one of your devlog videos, i also saw you use construct! im also a user of construct, and i was wondering if you wanted to do a co lab? also the games on my account and old ones so they dont look as good as some of my newer games so pls dont judge me lol. anyway i was hoping we could get in touch sometime ?  


Monkey Shoot some monkeys and then they explode into blood and it splutters splgugugugugguugugugugugugu and monkeys die goery

Oh my...

Gracias por lanzarlo para Linux <3

Let me know if there are any issues. That's the only version I don't have a way to test myself at the moment.

Hi! Tried your game with a friend, and it's actually really funny! Gave me that super smash bros vibe! Nice art work too! 

Have you considered participating in our GDWC #gamedev contest ? 

Check out our itch.io page for more info :) 


Thank you so much. That Smash feel was one of the original goals. I haven't thought about submitting to competitions or anything yet. I'll look into it.

oh wow the person who commented on rick henderson!!!

(that was a very good game and this is too!)

can you add 1 keyboard 2 player support ?

That is on the list. I am reworking most of the game's back end right now and player inputs with a keyboard option will be added.