Made for the #TeamSeas Jam

This is meant to be a relaxing game where you clean up an area. No time limits or dangers. Just help clean the water. 

Controls: Mouse
Click or hold left mouse button to move Sea-ba and collect the oil and trash in the water.

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Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
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Made withConstruct
TagsCasual, Cute, Relaxing, Top-Down


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This is such a fun game, please make a bigger map so I can work for days!


I'm on the Harbor Hoover grind daily.


really nice! but i wish i could play it again with  my upgrades

I kind of wish the area was just bigger. It's such a relaxing game, but I end up running out of garbage before I get all the power ups. You can get stuck on rocks occasionally, but other than that it works perfectly. 

it is very fun and polished! though the player gets stuck on walls

That was very fun and satisfying!

this is really satisfying
it would have great potential as a mobile game

This is a fun game, but I think instant drop off should be enabled by default. This isn't a mobile idle game; just sitting there and staring at the screen for so long with nothing to do is not a very good mechanic and quite boring. The fact that it takes 2 entire upgrade points also makes it useless because it's always faster to just get the speed or area upgrades instead. In general though, I think making the player just stare at the screen with nothing to do should never be enabled in any game (unless you're supposed to, like an idle game).


very fun except the last bit of oil was behind a rock in a corner so I could not finish. 


You can get stuck on the rocks but besides, it's a nice and satisfying game

Super cool game!

so satisfying 

Very cool and relaxing game.

I have to say this game is really fun wel lexecuted!

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Nice game!

Harbor Hoover (Gameplay Walkthrought)

I like the chill vibe and the environmental theme!


Chill indeed, you could made an entire game with this and a little bit more features.


Chill game 🙂


That was nicely relaxing!  Perfect length and wasn't ever a chore.