Made for the Gameception Jam
Theme: A game within a game

*I over scoped this game like crazy so in the end I just had to slap together the bits that were working to make something playable. *

You play as a kid that must make it through all the locked doors. 

Move: WASD, ZQSD, Arrows
Action: Left Click or Right Click
Pick Up: Click and Drag

Mute: M
Fullscreen: F
Return to Hub: H

Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(16 total ratings)
Made withConstruct


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What do i do in the second area?

i need to know

you get 100 coins

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This is an icredible good idea! I would really love it if you were to flesh out on this game and make it bigger and put it on steam or something,  or atleast do a little more with it. I otherwise think this idea will go to waste

soon not soo

Why does it say soo that should have been soo

that was a good game I hope more stuff comes to the game soo

yay i beat it awesome game

thats the coolest easter egg in a dungeon game (the monkey statue)

after unlocking the 100 coin gate when going back into the mario bros 1 1-1 level i can’t move or jump.

Very cool game! :D Also, I noticed you used your Ness sprite as this character. :O

Thanks so much for joining the game jam! I love the concept behind this, and the fun cartoony graphics!

Great game Vim!!
Definitely loved the experience!!Would have been Fantastic if the other two games would have been completed. Expecting the DEVLOG very soon.


It would be nice if I could drag items from my game inventory to the usb drive as well. To avoid having to repeat areas accidentally. Really nice idea and art though. Nice job!

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I dont know what to do at the second game, I'm confused.

Tough, it's a good game!

EDIT: NVM! I got it!

Vim, I love this game!

pretty graphics, nice way to blend the games, loved the part that makes me bring objects from the game world to the real game to unlock areas, reviewing a game you made is a nice change of pace from you reviewing mine xD


It is such an amazing idea, it just was way too much for the time. If you were to ever go back and remake one of your games I think this one would be high on the list.


Great premise, too bad it was too large for a game jam game.


It took longer than I'd like to admit, but I didn't realize that you had to click and drag the item to the USB before you pick it up.

Brilliant loved it but the cursor is wayyy to big!