Don't Explode is a quick (possible rage inducing) platformer that has you racing the timer of the bomb you are carrying. Making it through a level exit door will add 5 seconds to your timer to help you keep going. Get through all 15 levels and you win.

Controls - change in menu

  • Arrow Keys (Default)
  • AWD
  • AD & Space
  • Gamepad

Difficulty - change in menu

  • Easy- 30 second starting time
  • Normal- 25 second starting time
  • Hard- 20 second starting time.

Game and art by: Nick Dufault

This is my first finished game and I hope you enjoy it!


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Good game! Found it really stressful but i think its what it was going for :)

you can spam r and you never die P.S.

tHE Gbutton

epic game!

i beat it on hard difficulty and it was very challenging and fun to play and i wish you would make more games like this one, also i found that if you press c it will swap the control scheme until you beat a level or die and that if you press r the timer will be set to 4 secs, why not just make r reset you asif the bomb reached 0 because that would save you having to weight 4 secs between each attempt, and stop the infinite time glitch by spamming r.

Great game! I'm on a mission to complete all of Vimlarks games in order of appearance, so first one done (and only with minor rages)


If you spam R then you get infinite time, but nice game!

It is a great game... but it is soooooo HARD

This Game is Rad

Its really fun but the jumping feels a little bit finicky and whenever I jump it feels a little sluggish but other than that really fun

Great game!!

It's too fun. Played it way too long, wasted a lot of time. Great rage game!

Nice game, keep up the good work

stressful but fun too!

and well made

great game


The game has a glitch when you press r the timer goes to 3 seconds and if you keep pressing r and running the time will never stop.

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thx :)

Cool concept ! interesting twist !


damn this is good

Damn ! Dude ! This is one stressful game ! :-) Great job !


*clap clap* easy game *clap clap* easy game >:D won with 6 deaths. cant wait for the remake

it was probably only so easy because you played on easy or normal, because playing on hard is much harder, but i didn’t see you play so i don’t know what difficulty you played on, but i’m assuming it wasn’t hard.


The level with all the 1 wide pillars takes too much time.


its actually pretty easy cause if you keep running your every jump will skip the same amount of pillars and you will always land on one.


too hard


Hello! I found a hack! When you press "r" the timer is set to 3 seconds. But if ypou keep spamming the button "r" you will have 3 seconds to go ALL the time... Nice game tho! :)

Me 2 lol

Awesome game!


Thank you so much!

Oh man, so good, I love this game.

Really glad you like it. Thanks for playing!


This Game Is great

That was great! I don't think I could have a bigger smile on my face than I did while watching that. Thank you for playing and I'm glad you like it.