Don't Explode is a quick (possible rage inducing) platformer that has you racing the timer of the bomb you are carrying. Making it through a level exit door will add 5 seconds to your timer to help you keep going. Get through all 15 levels and you win.

Controls - change in menu

  • Arrow Keys (Default)
  • AWD
  • AD & Space
  • Gamepad

Difficulty - change in menu

  • Easy- 30 second starting time
  • Normal- 25 second starting time
  • Hard- 20 second starting time.

Game and art by: Nick Dufault

This is my first finished game and I hope you enjoy it!


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Awesome game!

Thank you so much!

Oh man, so good, I love this game.

Really glad you like it. Thanks for playing!

This Game Is great

That was great! I don't think I could have a bigger smile on my face than I did while watching that. Thank you for playing and I'm glad you like it.