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Is there any chance you could get a setting to invert controls?

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It won't load for me?

Edit: Nevermind, just had to refresh :P

Found a Glitch:if you Keep Rotating and then Start While Rotating The Ball Goes Outside the circle

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When discover something that someone else discovered first: "visible disappointment"


A little feedback: 

The direction the ball travels after it hits the paddle doesn't make sense. I feel like it should hit the paddle bounce off at an angle based on the orientation of the paddle(reflect velocity about the normal of paddle surface). It seems like you are just reversing the x and y velocities based on which side of the paddle is hit. This leads to having very little control of the direction the ball goes after hitting the paddle not to mention it being exceptionally unrealistic. Maybe this was intentional but it makes the game feel like I am not in control of how the game plays out.

There is a typo in the instructions that fade the "O" in "Counter" is capitalized. 

It would be nice to have wasd or mouse controls.

Otherwise it is fun and impressive for being made in only 12 hours.

Here Is My 2 Cents On Feedback.There Is Glitches That Don't Take Long To Find, The Controls And The First Couple Times I Pressed Space To Start And Then Moved To A And D I Think You Should Also Add A And D, At The Start I Didn't Like The Wall Of Text Because It Kinda Confuses Me And I Would Rather Play To Find Out Which Leads To Confusion, I Think You Could Fix This By Adding A Tutorial Of Sorts, But I Think Thats A Personal Problem, Also Sometimes The Ball Gets Glitched With The Collider. In Conclusion This Game Is Great For Its Purpose(A Fun Mobile Sort Of Game To Play For A Few Minutes) But Has Some Glitches And Quality Of Life Problems Which Is Expected From A Game Jam Game, Great Job Man!

Somehow it kills me that every word is capitalized, but good feedback :)

joystick controls where the platform goes to the rotation of the joystick will be great too

broke it! hold right as the screen transitions and the paddle gets stuck rotated in a specific angle. 

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Great game, nick! It's very challenging and doesn't really get old fast, but I would like to make some suggestions:

Personally, the arrow keys confuse me, I always get the directions mixed up. I don't know how you could fix this on the PC version, but if you do eventually make a mobile version, I suggest instead of arrow keys, make it work with a joystick. the position of the joystick would be the rotation of the paddle, that way it'd be much easier to play.

I think the game lacks a tiny bit of flare that you can easily add. for example, when you hit a certain score (10, 25, 50, etc..) A certain sound and particles come out, that way the player would feel rewarded for getting to such a high score.

that's all the suggestion I have for you right now, but please don't feel obligated to make them if you don't want to. Have a great day!

If you hit the ball with the side of the paddle it registers two points

Understandable, have a great day.


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Wonderful, simple, put together game!! :D

why is the paddle slightly angled

Really cool little game you made here! Very well polished, and audio feels good as well. Did a highscore of 16 on my 3rd try. I try a better one later, hehe ^^


I got the paddle to start getting bigger again by letting the paddle get so small that it went into negative numbers


That's amazing! I wouldn't have thought anyone would have been able to keep it going at that size. 


I feel like it might be easier to control if you could use the mouse to control the paddle

This game is fun!


Cool game! The only concern I have is that the paddle shrinks incredibly slowly, I actually didn't notice it until I read the instructions on the side.

So nice to play, very fun and hard to play.


This is harder than it looks. It has a flappy bird irritation about it. You know you can do better, and yet you keep trying and failing. 

How do you play, I cant press the play button or any others


press enter. No mouse, all keyboard. 



Really Like the game, simple concept with an excellent execution

Nice game simple and addictive, and with your usual polish

Love the game idea, simple but done really well!

thats a very funny and hard game

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honestly the only thing i dislike is that i cant use WASD.

also i think the menu is broken

It was said in the desc that menu does not use mouse

i tried arrow keys but it didnt work when i tried (works now)