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i did it

did it. 

yay I made it to the end

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The game is good but I think that when you don't have enough tickets to purchase something from the shop it should tell you.. Like maybe the text can be red when you don't have enough tickets or screen shake when you click it or even both

I segjust you make it so you cant get the same power up form the gold targets while you already have it 

I WON!!!

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No "You won" screen is going to stop me to getting 1,000,000,000 points

i won :)

big, fast, WOBBLY

10/10 I love myself some big wobbly bullets :)

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i also made it to 2 mil

me too

I love all of your games and whenver i see a new one i try to recreate it in my own style

I love it, its really speedrun friendly which gives it a lot of replayability. I would like you to continue working on this because it looks really promising! 

I was just going to say the same thing.  I like the speedrun aspect.  @vimlark any chance of a timer and high score system?

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Haha, I love it! Great vibe!

I liked the game! She really plays endlessly, reluctance to get out of it.

Really fun clicker. While being a mid-hard core player, I still liked it!

This is fun! I'm worried that I might get carpal tunnel if I play it for too long though haha


Good game! Cool thing that in this game you don't shoot ducks, instead you shoot targets in front of ducks xD. 

very fun, i love how the power-ups stack up.