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i like it. but it is functionally the same as flappy bird




help i snorted my dads cocaine and coming home in a few hours what do i do


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I have a best of 1219 in 25plays


I like game. nice feel

pov your the creator of flappy bird:


This is fun  wonder what the original guy might think.


I got 127



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I've gotten a best of 10




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Epic 49 moment Edit: Epic 50 moment Edit: epic 69 moment

epik gaemplay


This isn't original. This was already made by Tarek Mongy:


When vimlark made the game, he got a suggestion from chat saying "Flappy bird, but you are the pipe." He didn't steal that persons work


I even checked myself and Tarek Mongy's  game wasn't that similar to this, in his game the pipe is stationary while in this one the pipe moves.

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Like it really much! 🐧


Bronze... The highest honor this game can bestow

Nice game. It reminds me of one Flappy Bird game, where you are also a pipe that smashes birds. That one was bloody

AMAZING GAME! Keep it up!
I love the twist you have added to the game, now you are the pipe that eats the birds XD

This is one of the most hillarious and creative games I’ve seen before!!

looks great! :D

I ate 103

you making a devlog for this?

Yes he did

I ate 14 birds

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43 birds eaten.

This is insane! :D

the famous mobile game, nothing strange here

Wondering are you gonna do this again for trijam 174.

this is such a cool idea! imma go check if you have a new devlog.


reminds me of a mobile game i was addicted to back when flappy bird was deleted! very cool!

very fun game!


Game is very fun. The sound effects are the best I've ever heard in a video game. 1000/10 sfx

fun game :D

Such a good idea :D Very nice execution too, so clean!

that was fun! funny concept, haha ^^

This game is great! :D

very fun

I thought I was supposed to destroy the birds...

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