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I.... I. beat hard mode?!?!?! I will never play another game in my life! Hard mode is LEGIT HARD! I call my self a "pro" gamer ;_; , but this is hard af! I spent around an hour D:! Really good work Vimlark :D, and especialy for a game jam -sorry for grammar :P. I also will need to go bathe my hands now, cause they cramped AF

The art is adorable and the controls feels suck but thats okay cause it's for a game jam, I really had fun playing it and I was VERY happy when I reached the end :) very good game. 8/10

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I love everything about this game but one thing: After you complete normal mode, it's just broken. Whenever I play any levels in normal mode again or exit the level to the menu, the game just stops and I have to run it again. I was playing the windows version by the way.

Also there's a glitch where when you hit a wall and spam your direction key(left arrow key) you get stuck and don't bounce back. Please read these comments a I don't want the fun of this game to reduce. 

It's pretty neat idea, but the jumping seems to be broken. The robot often jumps a lot lower than the max jump height regardless of how long you hold down jump. This makes the game quite unpredictable and therefore less fun. For reference, I played the web build.

Yeah, I used the built in jump sustain with my engine for this game and it seems to have problems for some people. I don't use it anymore. Sorry it gave you issues. 

Outstanding work!

Thank you!


This could actually be a pretty nice game, (it already is, but) you should add some more levels, and i would try them all. good idea for the controls.

Thank you very much. Not sure if I will do more with the game yet, but I'm glad you liked it.

I finished hard and normal mode!!! Very unique mechanics!


Great job! Thank you very much.


Watch Interview with Game Dev Josh McMillan / Two Button Jam Part 1 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Really fun movement mechanics,  great work!


Thank you!

Really sweet and fun, good work with this project. :)

Great game!

Thank you!

This is really great - well done! Surprisingly easy to pick up and play. Definitely a contender for 1st place in the jam.

Thank you so much for the kind words. I really liked the way the movement worked in this, gad it was as easy to pick up as I hoped.

This is an awesome game! great work

Thank you!

It's a really fun game! Well done!

Thank you!