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Cool game with a cool concept too, keep up the good work!

I quite enjoied the agme, well done Vimlark... Also I really like your videos and you are one of the reasons i got into game development, thanks you.

You're practically my inspiration for game development, construct engine centered. Just here to write a comment of gratitude, nice game Vim!!


Really well done, Vim! Glad you didn't gave up this idea because it is sooo much fun as a small game, and still amazing how polished it looks in such time. GJ!

not your best, but great game overall

I LOVED IT!!! i wish it would keep going!

As always, GREAT GAME!!

This was so fun!! I really wanted it to keep going and have more rings of satellites!! Was very enjoyable!!

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Really cool concept! It was pretty hard for me to survive at first because I didn't read the instructions carefully enough about sideways spinning, oops


Fun! Can't wait for the youtube video!