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it wasnt too hard for me. finished within an hour

as a fellow rat myself i loved this even if i didn't complete it

I managed to collect all the coins but there should be a coin tally for each level.

That sounds good.

fucking bulllshit i missed 6 coibns

So, besides the character's big hitbox and the fact that there are too many coins, I enjoyed the game a lot!

There is a glitch where i got stuck in a wall under the portal. Jumping took me into to the portal but i had dissapeared from the screen

me too i got the glitch also

Uhh the play button broke, so this is unplayable.

You use the arrow keys and the enter/return key to control the menu


i like the idea. The jump should be morerestricting.

I've been watching your weekly vlogs about making games! They give me so much motivation to not give up on my projects even though I kinda hate them over time ... :D :D :D Good work man !

Looks pretty nice, well done :)

While moving diagonally down+left, down+right & up+left I wasn't able to jump. Up+right was fine and horizontal and vertical too. Nice game!

Nice little game, well done


I did encounter a bug where it treats it as if 2nd floor platforms are on the first floor, and you can't see your player.

Same, once. I was jumping south from a building and clipped through the north wall of the next building. I just ran around with my character hidden for a bit, until I clipped out again through the south wall and promptly drowned ;)

I loved it!

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Amazing game!

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I liked it.

Should I feel wrong for cheesing it a little, by abusing the way it detects standing on things?


I may have done the same. :/

xD nice and fun


played 6 minutes after release!