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The MOOOOOOO! when your cow gets stolen is my favorite.

My high score score is 56 also love your vids vilmark your the best i learn a LOT of coding skills off you so thx

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Great game, the only thing is that with 2 cows left one of them died leaving the other one left but it stopped the game as if both had died. Otherwise good.

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You must have at least 2 cows to continue your farm.

thanks for letting me know.

Came from your great video. Had a weird... bug, I think? With only two cows left I placed them on the second column, in the second and third row, and no aliens would spawn that attack the cows. I let it run for about fifteen minutes to see that it was indeed the case. But restarting it seems to have fixed the issue.

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Cool game. Controls are much more responsive than in Pick Up Prison. Once you are left with 2 cows game is much easier and you can grind highscore. Mine is 190 while I lost 2 cows at around 30 maybe ;)


those MOOOO sounds LOL, nice, simple and really fun.

nice little game

My highscore was 95. :) This is a really cool game, and I love your YouTube channel!

Cool. Simple but effective. I got 209 on my first try.

Is there any penalty to moving the cows constantly? I think I misread something about them getting aggressive.

The amount of times I've just straight up laughed with this game is too many. This is actually fun and entertaining



The voice sfx when the cows get carried away is so good that I actually want them to get taken 😂


Honestly, I fuckin' hate that pun :/


And why the fuck did you name this "It Came From COW-ter Space"? How about "Cows V.S Aliens"? Or "Cow Mania"? Even "Cowpocalypse"? Not even "Cow's Can't Move: Without You"?

bruh he's not going to change it

I guess you have a cow as a love



Hahaha simple yet challenging and I really like the "moo" VOs.
Fun !

Yep. Those moos a good find! alexyquest42 "Human Cows" is  a hyperlink if you click around in the Credits :D