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And the end of my first game playthrough, I made a whole one dollar, because I failed the last shift by ten flyers, sadly. Great game, btw, also liked the dev log video. Music and art are also great and fit the game, I think.


great job man super fun yeah why dont you try and make it a mobile game


Feels great to play, good work :)


I watch your youtube constantly & I really think you should try to release this as a mobile game.


I enjoyed this. 3 lvls was the perfect amount. After the 2nd lvl I decided I would play one more than then move on, and then found out that was the end anyways.

One problem I found was that if I was just skating around (b/c I was looking for a flyer stand) the background got kind of jittery instead of scrolling smoothly. Even just for the one lvl where I had rollerskates, I found I was getting nauseous by the end.

I also found that I often got quota with 20s to spare, and the last 20s felt like busy work. Sure, you get more money to buy more powerups, but I wonder if maybe ending the lvl when you hit quota, and then giving people the chance to pick 1+ rewards based on how quickly they did it might be better. So, finished with <=10s, you can choose one powerup, <=20>=10 lets you choose 2 power ups, >20s extra and you get 3 new power ups. That way you're still rewarded but you're not stuck with a lot of extra time after you've completed your objective.

If you decided to expand on this idea to make it a longer game, then some character customization and different levels would be awesome. One in the city, maybe a mall, a college campus, just to make it a little less repetitive. Oh, and more posters on the walls. Even if it just looks like someone plastered flyers for the arcade on the walls. I found that there were times where I'm just running along the side of a building by the exterior wall, and it looks very samey.There's interesting things in the middle, and at either end (I love that the vendors get some text), but the outer sides feel a little neglected.Very well done given the time constraints though


Mac version doesn't want to open, there is an error when opening the .zip file


Very fun game! Only thing I found a bit hard was not meeting the same people over and over again


Just as fun as the video made it out to be! Had a blast with this one.


if multiple people get hit at once it gives all the people it hit one for only throwing one it is kinda hard to not do either i did 6 at once on acident

same.. I had the same problem


excellent game, tons of fun




why the game stop u should just do it harder and harder and more peapole and more peephole and it will be a game that can take me a hour to stop playing ist so funnn


Very simple: This was a game jam game. it was made with a time limit, and if memory serves me right, one of the jam's challenges were 3 levels only.


Cool game. I think I found a bug: When two people are on the same point and you throw a flyer at them, both will get the one flyer. The glitch is still cool tho

I also found this glitch. Really nice when both are new people, annoying when you're aiming for one and accidentally give the second person 2 flyers.


im sad that theres 3 levels only


Great Game man love it. The sounds fit really well and the game isn't to chanllenging or to easy! Have a great day ;)

No Dogs, 0.2/10, Game was cute and fun. Had replayabilityyet didn't seem like a jam game. Sadly, no dogs.

i agree i love dogs

Getting chased by a dog until you went inside or something would have been fun, add a little more challenge and variety


"Make it threw the three shifts of the day"
ah yes threw
(the correct spelling is through)


Why do I have a feeling that was an intended pun? Y'know, the predominant purpose being to projectile the newspapers to the npcs.

huh, i never realized that

guess it's possible lol.


where are all the childrens parents, kids shouldnt be on the road without a paren


they ded


Honestly an amazing game. Though the AI-movement is so annoying sometimes like you try to hand that long distance flyer and people who got one already will just start running towards it as if they'd want to get another one :)

Love the game, pixel art is great and the gameplay is a lot of fun.


Fun demo, sweet pixelart, the boss man seems a bit nasty but hey, it's a job, it pays. :)


Amazing game! An endless mode would be cool.

This is a great game. 


(Glitch) I can hand 2 ppl flyers for 1 if they are standing right next to each other, other than than that it is really fun!

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A possible solution to fix this is to pick the nearest person to the flyer.


I don't think its a glitch, it's a tip in the description.

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yeah, it's like giving a group, flyers instead of 1 person

This was so fun to play this morning. Great game Vimlark! (Also I found the hand!)

so good

Great game. Super hard though

the game is fantastic make more levels



Great game, well done!


i think this is your best game yet. if controls would have allowed, this would have been an all time 8/16-bt classic if it was released in the day.

A really fun game; wish there were more levels!!

This was super fun!

The game is awesome, it's super fun to play and I love the art style. Just wish it was longer so I could keep playing!

The art for this game is just sooo good, it makes the game feel super polished!

Gotta really try to make my games look better in the future, seeing that this is possible in about two weeks! :D

This is awesome! :D

actually a lot more fun than i expected. once you get the hang of it you can kind of get a flow going

Loved the game! Cute and simple :)

I really Liked handing out flyers and praying to the monkey statue

Fun & simple

Not bad,but it tooks a lot memory

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