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I love the captain.


A Timer will make this game more fun to speed run

nice game, i like the art


I HAD 0.0001 % OF o2 OMG

game dont work


Awesome game! Though I feel like the pressure task could be a bit better. Tasks were really nice & felt like I was making an accomplishment. Wish this was a full game.


Awesome game I love it I also watched the devlog


I gotta say, this game is clucking awesome


very cool game!


My morse code skills came in clutch with this one! Awesome game!

same lol, though the sos code is really eas


This is cool!


I struggled at first, barely managed to win, but it is learnable


i did it 1st try thanks to the vid showing the morse code. yeah i dont know morse code. (also i forgot the # in the code part so that made me get closer to running out of oxygen)


Yeah, I was really confused too. Like why isn't it entering.

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i love this kind of game design where,

the first time you have no clue what each task is gonna be and die because you took too much time figuring it out

the second time you know how to do some more of the things and don't have to spent as much of the time going "okay what's this, oh ok I think I got it"    so the second time you're more likely to win

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i actually did it on my first try


good for you


I really loved it. Love your pixelart work.


Fun game, code task and SOS were my favorite.

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I love it! But I think the music doesn't fit with the theme. It's to relaxing like ahh I’m just in a perfect sub on a sunny day lol. ;)


loved the game it was fun but the code task was a bit confusing 


Nice job!


well designed


This is “clucking” amazing!


That's not even humorous in the slightest. "Oh hahhah this game is so fucking goood XD XD XD XD LOL LMFAO!"



jesus christ dude

  1. i was just saying that the game was good in a humorous way
  2. don’t reply to a post that is almost 4 months old
  3. that joke was part of the game

That's right. 

This will be my last response, so don't bother with me.


Cool game. But i always loose

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This was a really interesting idea!

The only thing that confused me was the o2 indicator, it doesn't decrease during dialogue but the game doesn't indicate that to the player.

On my first playthrough, adamant not to lose I skipped all the dialogue; it was only on my second playthrough that I understood what was going on.


He literally says o2 doesn't deplete while he's talking.

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yeah but I skipped that dialogue (my first time through). I think it just needs a UI icon to indicate that it's not moving down. All the games lighting effects and animations are playing during dialogue so i just assumed game time continued on.


for some reason this game is super laggy for me. The character has a hard time walking in the directions i want him to go in. I have to wait some seconds after pressing S for them to start walking to the right. Im not sure if there is something wrong with my computer or the game.



or just reboot


very fun


really fun


New video was released by Vimlark about this game :D


just watched it and came to play this bc of it : )


me too lol

its cool(the game) and im ready for his next game :)

Me three

ok :D

Woah. I feel so epic.


Yeah, like I just saved a sub!

overall a great game, but 1 thing I would improve is the ability to either clear or delete characters in the communications bit and when putting in the authorization code to fire the torpedo's. Other than that, amazing game.


this is so epic

AMAAAAZING. I feel the urge!

totally SUS
legal team incoming 

Deleted 1 year ago



the new menus are awesome =D

nice game!

That was honestly so cool I loved it

I completed it it was pretty fun!


i like the integration of proper morse, well done.

didnt like that i actually had to hit the pound key "#"


I like the moving truck sound from phasmophobia its nice to listen to every once in while thank yo

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