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As always, Awesome game Vimlark <3


Loved the game, at first I didn't realize that there were other cookers other than the red one, and I also didn't realize that there was a 2nd room with other ingredients. After like 30 seconds of being dumb I realized then reset and tried normal mode again. I was able to beat both hard and normal and had a great time.


there is some request i don't know how to "get" it....

P.S: playing as "normal mode" ask me for Cheese, and don't appear below


P.S2: ohh was by the other door.. i didnt realize that i can walk there...

Really cool game but I couldn't pickup anything at all for some reason and one of the orders was a hotdog looking thing which I had no idea how to make.

You have to stun the mobs and then you can right click to collect if I understood it properly

I was stunning them but I still couldn't pick them up, I was right on top of them and the outline wouldn't come and I couldn't pick them up.

I had the same problem initially. You have to stun all enemies in a room before you can pick up your ingredients and leave.

yeah realised that, haha

there are 2 rooms so check the other

I think the other is just for like wine and cheese, I wasn't getting any wine or cheese orders.

Ok so I just played it again and everything worked fine, it was weird why it wasn't letting me pick up stuff.

Awesome game! The animations are cute, and the gameplay is fast paced. I did have a problem where I couldn't dispose of a food, and it was just stuck on me.

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