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Good game,  way to easy

Absolutely love this game but I keep running into this issue where 2 creatures run together and I shoot them but their collection boxes overlap and this results in me getting the wrong thing. my suggestion is to make the creatures avoid each other

Watched devlog about this game! Really liked the story behind it!

needs support for other keyboard layouts, or custom control

This is so hard!!!

This game is such a cool concept. Good job again!

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Good game i liked it a'lot but very intense, also i wanna be dev thanks for being my inspiration like everyone else.

this was way more funner than i thought


Fun to play, feel like CookDash or other rushing cooking. 

gg ez


go on!


really fast


I don't know if this has been said or not but it would be great if it could be a downloadable game as well to play offline or have savable progress at some point!


I love it! Easy to understand and fun to play.


This game has to get in the top 100 games! It is very well done! Amazing Job!


This is such a fun game. Took me a little bit to get the hang of it, but it was awesome once I did. Maybe you could add a tutorial level separate from the main game if you ever go back to it again. 


very polished game, good art, nice concept, 8/10 (-2 points because of the bug) love your games, keep it up!

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Great game! Since I've been playing isaac for 5 years it didn't feel too hard. Very cool art!


Took me a while to get it but this is really enjoyable when you get into the flow. It's brutal, though.

I am absolutley horrible at this!

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The gameplay is kinda hard to grasp, but it's really fun. My favorite so far. It's been a while since I've played a restaurant game. A little hard though. I hope you continue to work on this game.  It has potential. Just needs a little bit of balancing.

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i cant use the machines idk why

oh wait nvm im just dumb lol


Nice art ! I feel the prepping meals in different station with different enemies and difference recipe kind of made it more confusing than more deep. By the time it was over I was still mostly confused and never reached a point where I was "good at the game" because I knew the recipes etc. Really cool game for a 48h jam tho.


Super fun! Love the art and the main character is just so fun! Love the pairing with all the elements and think you fit the theme really well! Great job! :D 

very good I like the art 

but its really hard like I have to stun all enemies to get out of a room

very fun. kind of hard tho

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WayTo Hard

But Fun

Captured the Overcooked essence perfectly, absolutely love it! 

(The cellar orders are definitely the trick to a high score)

Had to run around a bit to understand what’s happening, but after that it’s a fun concept!

Nice game. And love the music and art.

Come check my game out.

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My big strong demon waifu. Great game lmao. The music reminds me of crazy frog


lovely art style, good fast-paced game!


Really fun game, very stressful though my god! Also in your description, I think you mean "pantry" and not "panty"

As always, Awesome game Vimlark <3


Loved the game, at first I didn't realize that there were other cookers other than the red one, and I also didn't realize that there was a 2nd room with other ingredients. After like 30 seconds of being dumb I realized then reset and tried normal mode again. I was able to beat both hard and normal and had a great time.


there is some request i don't know how to "get" it....

P.S: playing as "normal mode" ask me for Cheese, and don't appear below


P.S2: ohh was by the other door.. i didnt realize that i can walk there...

Really cool game but I couldn't pickup anything at all for some reason and one of the orders was a hotdog looking thing which I had no idea how to make.

You have to stun the mobs and then you can right click to collect if I understood it properly

I was stunning them but I still couldn't pick them up, I was right on top of them and the outline wouldn't come and I couldn't pick them up.

I had the same problem initially. You have to stun all enemies in a room before you can pick up your ingredients and leave.

yeah realised that, haha

there are 2 rooms so check the other

I think the other is just for like wine and cheese, I wasn't getting any wine or cheese orders.

Ok so I just played it again and everything worked fine, it was weird why it wasn't letting me pick up stuff.

Awesome game! The animations are cute, and the gameplay is fast paced. I did have a problem where I couldn't dispose of a food, and it was just stuck on me.

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