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you can connect to your own twitch chat, even if you don't stream, and play by yourself lol

.... totally not doing that right now....

New Update Cool =D

add youtube plz I dont have twitch

Deleted 145 days ago

youtube has bad API afaik

Adding it on youtube would take WAY longer

can you please start downloading games as EXE and also games in play store and play store (:

downloading in EXE isn't possible, because data gets stored in other folders that need to also be downloaded

but its hard to make a game with touch controls. trust me, I've tried.

i cant stop playing it

so cool


i played it by myself and now my hand hurts from copy-pasting in the chat lol


would it be possible to add other streaming sites (I personally stream on dlive)

Nice work, it's complicated to get games to interact with other sites. 👏 (Also cool graphics)