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I love it. Started off really slow but around 25 it starts to actually get challenging. Got to 41 where it's just too hectic to get much further.

i got 24


It wont let me play cuz I need to press space but I'm on tablet BAD


This isn't made for tablet or phone, it's supposed to be on computer


Very Fun!!


Am I the only person who noticed that portals is spelled protals on the menu

i got 12 :)

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I'm Pretty sure 41 is the max score possible
Speedrun to 40 points

This game was so much fun. There is a bug though. If you click on more games then nothing comes up and if you try to play the game after that the play button doesn’t work.

This game makes my brain hurt but oh man it's so fun!

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highscore: 40

i dont think ill get more than that lmao

ok now 41

Wonderful as always almost got too 100 score im so sad!

u sure??

Great game as always Vimlark!!!


it's a fun game but colorblindness stops me from knowing where I'm gonna end up XD.

nice work!


Top left moves you left one. Top right moves you right one.

Bottom left moves you left two. Bottom right moves you right two.

this game is really fun but can I get the game files that way I can see how you made the game!

This game is really fun! (also i got 35 xD)

got 25!

This is an amazing concept! I love how the ball that comes up from the screen also effects the colors above it! Another popular idea with a twist!

20! great game as always

Great game and very fun. I would be interested what your highscores are. Mine is 27







awesome game (: also i made it before video was posted lol


Ay Awesome You tried the trijam =D

The game play loop is surprisingly fun, but I do think that the early parts are too slow. For a first time playing it is good to have the space to learn, but it means that the game pace is torpedoed whenever you die. Not sure what the best way to fix that would be.

Nice! I think it is because they are semitransparent but the portals leading to same dimension look different based on the dimension they are located in which leads to a bit of confusion


I think something that could improve the game is a double jump.


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This is a really good game! That big boulder thing is very ominous!


I like this one!